The Dreaming King Saga

The Dreaming King Saga

Dromarna Torn, the Tower of Dreams, rises above the black rock of the Skalletberg, and on midwinters night, the king ascends to the tower to receive the prophetic dreams to help guide his country through the coming year. The tower’s magic leads to a battle centuries in the making. This five volume series follows King Magnus and Queen Carlota, along with Kala, a member of the Queen’s Tigress Kavalkad, a thief named Anton, and Asmund, a heretic priest, as the ancient prophecies of the Dreaming Child come closer.

The Tower of Dreams

The Tower of Dreams Cover
On midwinter’s night, the king climbs the treacherous path to the Tower of Dreams. There, he receives the prophetic dream to guide his nation through the year. Prince Magnus, who always expected to be a priest or scholar, dreams of two orphaned children—a thief from the Morros slums and a sergeant’s daughter—who hold the fate of the nation in their hands. A shining child strides across the land, but Magnus has not even met the boy’s mother. She turns out to be his brother’s betrothed. Now the new king must protect the kingdom from a trade war, invading armies, and religious fanatics in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy about the Dreaming Child.

Oathbound Sisters

Oathbound Sisters Cover

The Paluan wizards have developed a new and deadly battle magic that changes how wars are fought. Moreover, the Dendalen army must adapt to fighting a war where the enemy raids and runs, never staying for pitched battle.

King Magnus and Queen Carlota must encourage and hearten their people while they fight to regain their trust for each other and salvage their marriage.

Kala finds that battle is not what she thought it would be. By accident, she and the other Tigresses have also changed how war is fought. In the process of fighting and dying, they find out what the oath they swore to each other really means.

Anton and his sister have carved a place for themselves in the arena, but a rogue magic lurks in the Morros slums, waiting to steal everything Anton loves.

The prophetic dreams guiding King Magnus show a golden child marching out to fight a great evil on the steppes. Who the child might be and what the evil is, Magnus does not know, but before the Dreaming Child can lead his army to war, he has to be born.

An Uncivil War

When Anton kidnaps young Prince Karlis, it is the first act of a civil war. Prince Filip has been planning how to take the throne from his brother Magnus for years.

After almost dying, Kala dreams of Valjar, and he asks her to be his holy warrior. Little does she know the job will involve fighting the Holy Fire, traveling the war-torn country alone, and killing priests.

King Magnus and Queen Carlota must fight a war while trying to find their infant son. Prasta Asmund ends his exile, braving the priests from the Order of the Nifikin. With the country tearing itself apart, and noblemen fighting each other, Magnus struggles to find a way to win the war without facing his warrior brother in single combat.

All the while a strange magic fire stalks the land, killing whoever it touches, and threatening to destroy the shining future promised with the Dreaming Child.

On Black Mesa

When Queen Carlota attempts to win over the country east between the mountains and the sea with trade and evangelism, the Scarred King reacts with war. The enemy wizards created a wall of air between the two countries, a giant monumental construct that changes weather patterns and how magic works in the Vale of Stars.

Captain Joao is caught on the other side of the wall with his cohort, leaving them vulnerable to attack from the Scarred King’s troops. Anton is sent to find and stop the wizards creating the wall. Kala, as Holy Warrior, is sent north to rein in rebellious noblemen and renegade priests.

While trying to protect her people, Carlota desperately wants her husband back so they can team up to bring down the wall of air.  Young Prince Karlis begins to show a talent for magic, it dawns on Carlota that her son will be the Dreaming Child. But if the wall of air stays up, Karlis will not live to fulfill the prophecy.

The Gates of Heaven

Elutheros, the fabled wizard of myth is alive, and has renewed his assault on the Gates Heaven. Prince Karlis ascends to Dromarna Torn and receives the prophetic dream to become king. At sixteen, he must lead his armies across the steppes to the Forbidden, the source of all magic, before Elutheros can destroy the gates, the magic, and the world. Kala, Magnus, Anton, and the rest must protect Karlis and face the combined armies of the Paluan Empire and the Auktin nomads, with their wizards and canhao. The foretold Day of Evil is at hand.