The Forever Flu

Two days ago, I got my flu shot-I was at the doctors for something else, and they offered, so I took it. I’ve gotten one every year since I worked in the healthcare industry (That’s another story).  I also know that the flu shot stops influenza, essentially a super-cold. It does not stop the stomach flu.  Also, for me, I generally feel sick the next day.

Even though this happens every year, I still have that fleeting, “I’m really sick this time” thought.  Every year.  You’d think I might figure it out after a while. A nurse recently told my wife: “When you hear the thunder of hooves over the hill, you don’t immediately think ‘Zebras!’” In other words, I was not getting sick, I just had a reaction to the flu shot.

Today, I felt badly, like getting the actual flu for a while. I went through the paranoia phase and then remembered I had gotten the flu shot the day before. However, on my way home from work, with my body aching, feeling tired and run down, and just plain yucky, I had a revelation: my wife feels that way every day.

My wife has Primary Progress Multiple Sclerosis. Aches and fatigue haunt her, even though she takes dozens of pills every day to combat the symptoms. The other thing about MS is that while today may be less bad than yesterday, it does not get better. Ever.

So think about that icky, rundown feeling, with your body just aching and not wanting to move. Then remember there are people who feel that way every day. That needs an expletive, so fill in your own: Every $%#@! day!

When I got home, I gave my wife a big hug.