About Richard E. Friesen

Hi!  Welcome to my web page.

Once, a man asked my why I would want to write fiction. Days later, I had an answer:

If I could not write, I would sing

If I could not sing, I would play

If I could not play, I would dance

If I could not dance, I would paint

If I could not paint, I would sculpt

For if my heart had no voice, it would surely die.

So here I am, a science fiction and fantasy author, with a soon-to-be-completed epic fantasy series, The Dreaming King Saga. It started as three books-a classic trilogy-but somewhere along the way it turned in to five books. Some of the less obvious things I did in this series are: Having an Epic Fantasy king who is not a warrior and does not fight. He’s a scholar. I also made a nation where winter court is in the mountains and summer court is out on the plains. The country of Dendalen is also a dual-culture, since the Paluan Empire had ruled the plains for a century. When the mountain people drove the empire out, some people and some culture stayed.

My next project is a near-future science fiction series (at least one book, probably three or more) about artificial intelligence and the future of computing, where I get to use some of my day-job knowledge of system administration, computers,  and the cloud. The series is the Wetware Wizards. Unfortunately, I have to change the title of the first book, so I can’t tell you what it is yet.

Come along on this journey to strange and wondrous lands where can learn more of what it is to be human.